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Introducing the S Series Binoculars



Olympus Australia is pleased to announce new release binoculars S series, featuring a wide field of view and high optical performance for nature observation, wildlife, birdwatching and sporting events in a brand new ergonomic design. The 8x40 S, 10x50 S and 8-16x40 S are perfect for those who like to travel light. All elements have been arranged precisely to create a compact size in a lightweight form. A special coating secures an anti-slip grip. The wide field of view ensures effective tracking of fast-moving subjects such as birds or people playing sports. Aspherical optics provide sharp images up to the periphery whilst reducing image distortion. Single-layer coated lenses and prisms deliver crystal clear, extra bright and high-resolution images. A focusing distance as close as 4, 6 or 10m depending on the model allows the user to follow animals almost motionlessly as they approach. Magnification factors vary from 8x or 10x magnification to a powerful 8-16x zoom.

Wide field of view

The wide field of view makes locating a subject quicker and easier, particularly when panning a wide area or tracking fast-moving subjects. That is why the Olympus standard binoculars 8x40 S, 10x50 S and 8-16x40 S are ideal companions for nature observation, wildlife, birdwatching and sporting events.

High optical performance for minimal chromatic aberration

A high level of optical performance offers minimal distortion and chromatic aberration, resulting in sharp, clear images up to the edges. These porro-prism binoculars are packed with high-quality optics including aspherical lenses for a plasticity and distortion-free view. Lenses and prisms are single-layer coated to deliver high-resolution results with superb transmittance. The large objective lens diameter offers bright high-resolution images even in low light. The 8x40 S with 8x magnification and the 10x50 S with 10x magnification are ideal for discovering expansive nature views with ease. Additionally, the powerful zoom of the 8-16x40 S is a great advantage if there is no opportunity for the user to get closer to the object.

Lightweight and ergonomic design

The focus of developing the Olympus standard binoculars 8x40 S, 10x50 S and 8-16x40 S was on portability and ease of use for the customer. All elements have been arranged precisely in order to create lightweight and compact binoculars. The special elastic polymer coating for an anti-slip grip and less light reflection is perfect for observing wild animals and birds. In addition, a new rubber coated grip guarantees a safe hold and high portability for zero fatigue when carried for a long period of time. The large focus adjustment dial featured in this series obtained its popular easy-to-use shape from Olympus’ high-end models.

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