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Lachlan’s photographic style is described as honest & cinematic


This has been honed by his time spent on set as a motion picture stills photographer combined with his background as a finished artist/retoucher. His love of the ocean is fuelled daily by coastal living, open space, big skies and spectacular light. Shooting above the water line was a given but now paired with the Olympus underwater housing shooting within it is a new found love for Lachlan.


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Lach is a photographer with over a decade of commercial shooting experience. A common thread throughout his personal and commercial work is his cinematic approach to light, tone and colour. This practice is most likely influenced by working as a unit stills photographer on film and television and it is here he is able to explore the integration of his love of people with place, colour & context.

In addition to commercial practice Lach’s love of the ocean fuels his daily @onemoore_insta feed, inspired by coastal living, open space, big skies and spectacular light as well as documentary photography including his recent travels through Mongolia shot exclusively on the OM-D E-M1. In addition to shooting Lach is also the owner of Melbourne’s beautiful studio hire facility Rokeby Studios.

Gear : E-M1 / E-M1 Mark II / PT-EP13 / PT-EP14 / 12-40mm f2.8 / 25mm f1.2 / 
7-14mm f2.8 / 40-150mm f2.8 / 300mm f4.0 / TG-Tracker