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Audio - FAQs

  1. I currently have ODMS R6 installed on my existing computer, how do I upgrade to ODMS R7?

    Please contact your professional audio dealer to arrange an upgrade to ODMS R7 as this software is no longer supported

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  2. How do I move my ODMS/DSS Player PRO License to a new computer?

    Before you begin, ensure you have your licence key and software version. This can be found on the license certificate, from within the ODMS Software on your PC (to access this, go to Help > About Transcription Module), or from within the DSS Player PRO on your Mac (to access this, go to DSS Player > About DSS Player)

    Onec you have your License Key recorded, uninstall ODMS / DSS Player.

    On your desired computer, download the latest version of ODMS / DSS Player from the Olympus Website. Run the installer and enter the License Key when prompted. The licence key will determine if the Transcription Module or Dictation module is installed (Licence key starting with RT will install Transcription Module, RD will install Dictation Module). Once complete, you will have ODMS installed on the new computer.

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  3. How do I install ODMS on an additional computer so that I can work from home?

    Please contact your professional audio dealer to purchase an additional licence

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